May 30, 2024

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Quickwell Remedy is digitalizing the Healthcare sector

The digitalization of the healthcare system is the beginning of a new era. It is making the methods smoother and more efficient. It enables the service provider to track medical emergencies and can help save lives. Furthermore, it will make the hospitals and health care units more responsible and arranged, and it can help in the reduction of corruption in these sectors also.

In this changing era, Quickwell Remedy has also digitalized all its services for easy access of its users. Quickwell Remedy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified company with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is an online pharmacy with digital solutions to all the healthcare issues.

It is one of the best Indian pharmacies that worked with great efficiency in the pandemic. The e-pharmacy and doctors’ availability in its digital platform has proven as the most convenient source for people in the pandemic.

Digital Consumer Healthcare Accessibility of the Quickwell Remedy allows the users to find details about any prescribed medicines. It brings all the services to the door of the people with just one click. Home care appointments, ambulances, ICU Services, hospitalizations, bookings of doctors, and test bookings everything is available at just one click.

They provide World Class Patient Care at Home at affordable prices. Till now, they have treated  2000+ critical patients at home following all related medical protocols with the best quality standards.

With their goal of National digital Health India, they provide numerous services like DigiDoctor, Health Facility Registry, Personal Health Records, e-Pharmacy & Telemedicine.

They have more than 400 hospitals with 50 lakhs patients and 2 lakhs doctors (1200 NRI doctors) in India. Their drone services have increased their delivery speeds. They deliver life-saving drugs and equipment by drone tier 1 city.

They want to expand their business to foreign countries like the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil. In South Africa, there is only 1 hospital for 1 lakh people, so Quickwell Remedy has taken this as a challenge, and it will soon introduce its revolutionary methods in these African countries also.

In April 2021 with their services like doctor consultancy and hospitalization facility they will operate at the global level and till next year, they will provide employment opportunities to 1 lakh people in India, the US, and Canada.