May 29, 2024

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SpidervellA, an EdTech company initiates to build the bridge between industry and institutions

EdTech or educational technology is a very important thing in the modern world. Knowledge of the technology domain is very crucial nowadays, and it keeps you connected with the changes in the world.

As we all know that the one who evolves and adapts the same theory applies to the technology. To grow professionally you need to be aware of all the new things and to simplify all these things there is an Edtech company called SpidervellA Technologies.

SpidervellA Technologies is one of the Best Ed-Tech Companies in IT Industrial Training and Skills Development. They are committed to their motive to Build Futuristic techno Minds in IT World.

SpidervellA Technologies is a Bangalore based company with leading technology solutions for professionals.

It is leading IT training, enterprise learning services, IT Infrastructure Solutions, Cybersecurity, and Web Development solutions for information technology (IT) and Building Futuristic Techno Minds. 

SpidervellA courses provide detailed information and cover each aspect of the technology domain to turn their enterprise customers into experts. 

By providing IT Training, Corporate Training, IoT Solutions, Web Development, and Cybersecurity Solutions they prepare their customers to compete at national and international levels. Information and communication technologies (ICT) is their prime focus. 

SpidervellA aids its customers to grow their business. They use ICT effectively and boost the business of their customers. 

SpidervellA Technologies is led by Mr. Akash Shrivastava (Managing Director), Mr. Sushil Kumar (CTO), and Ms. Nirmala Shetty (CEO). The three of them are masters of the technology domain.


Mr. Akash Shrivastava, the Managing Director of SpidervellA Technologies, has years of experience in different domains of technology. He is an Ethical Hacker and an entrepreneur. The traditional ways of the educational system lack the technological aspects and this thing often used to upset him but this also motivated Mr. Akash. He started his own Ed-Tech company SpidervellA Technologies.  

Mr. Sushil Kumar is also an expert in this with years of experiences in Cybersecurity, IoT, and Data Science Technologies. He is the chief strategy developer of the team. His strategies and plans have always led the Ed-Tech towards success and growth.

Ms. Nirmala Shetty is an entrepreneur whose goal is to provide equal space and opportunities for women at the workplace. She has built effective strategies for women’s economic empowerment by applying a holistic and integrated approach, and she is constantly working on diminishing the barriers between the genders.

SpidervellA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also has been awarded as the Best Ed-Tech start-up enterprise in India. It offers various programs like HackersvellA – A Journey From a Noob To Become a PRO, SpiderMation and IT Industrial Training.

It also has SpidervellA Aviation Academy and provides courses that are globally recognized.

Visit their website for latest training courses –  .