June 21, 2024

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Elon Musk predicts that artificial intelligence will automate many jobs.

Elon Musk suggests that artificial intelligence could eventually replace all human jobs, but he contends that this isn’t necessarily negative. Speaking at a tech conference, Musk envisioned a future where employment becomes optional, with AI and robots fulfilling all necessary tasks.

He emphasized the necessity of a “universal high income” to support this transition, though he didn’t detail what form this support might take, distinguishing it from universal basic income (UBI).

Musk’s remarks reflect concerns about the rapid advancement of AI and its implications for various industries. While some jobs may become obsolete, professions requiring high emotional intelligence and human interaction, like mental health professionals and teachers, may remain essential.

Musk, who has consistently expressed apprehensions about AI, drew parallels with Ian Banks’ “Culture Book Series,” depicting a society governed by advanced technology, as a realistic portrayal of a future AI-driven world.

However, he raised questions about the potential lack of emotional fulfillment in a jobless society and pondered the role of humans in providing meaning to AI-driven systems.

Additionally, Musk urged parents to monitor children’s exposure to social media, warning about the influence of dopamine-maximizing algorithms.