May 30, 2024

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Oscar-winning Asian actress Michelle Yeoh is ready to return in the new Star Trek movie as “Emperor Philippa Georgiou.”

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who won the “best actress Oscar” for the role of “Everything everywhere all at Once” last month, is now preparing to come back into the Star Trek universe. She is going to play the role of Emperor Philippa Georgiou in the new “Star Trek: Section 31” movie.

In 2017, when the “Star Trek: Discovery” TV series, which also won “Emmy Awards,” made its debut on Paramount+, Yeoh made his character debut.

On Tuesday, the announcement was released by Paramount+ and CBS Studios. She will also work as an executive producer on the project.

Yeoh stated in a press release that she is “beyond delighted” to portray Philippa again in the movie “Section 31.” According to Yeoh, playing Philippa “has been near and dear to my soul since I began my path of playing Philippa all the way back when this new glorious age of “Star Trek” launched,” therefore she described the part as “beyond thrilled” to return to it.

She added, “To see her finally have her moment is a dream realised in a year that has taught me the amazing strength of refusing to give up on your dreams.” “Live long and prosper (until Emperor Georgiou orders otherwise) until we can share with you what’s in store for you.”

Yeoh, who made history by being the first person of Asian origin to win an Oscar for best actress in March, has had a year filled with dreams coming true. That night, “Everything Everywhere all at Once” won seven Oscars, including the big one for best film and Yeoh’s huge win.

According to an official description, “Section 31” will highlight Yeoh’s role as she enters a covert branch of Starfleet and “faces the mistakes of her past.” She is “tasked with safeguarding the United Federation of Planets.”

Later this year, “Star Trek: Section 31”’s filming will start.