May 29, 2024

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Drake has dismissed accusations of being involved in underage relationships mentioned in a Kendrick Lamar song

Amidst an escalating feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, the former has vehemently refuted allegations made in a diss track by Lamar regarding relationships with underage women and a secret love child.

In Drake’s latest release, “The Heart Part 6,” he expresses disgust at Lamar’s claims and hints that false information was intentionally fed to Lamar to provoke a response.

Lamar’s accusations surfaced in his track “Not Like Us,” insinuating Drake’s involvement with younger individuals. He had previously hinted at this in “Meet The Grahams,” directing lyrics towards Drake’s mother and referencing the need to protect against predators.

Additionally, Lamar suggested Drake had a secret daughter, which Drake dismissed as deliberately planted misinformation. He vehemently denied any involvement with underage individuals, citing his reputation and legal standing.

The ongoing feud between the rappers began with Drake’s song “First Person Shooter,” where J Cole, another rapper, dubbed them the “big three” of hip-hop. Lamar responded with “Like That,” asserting his dominance in the genre.

Following a series of diss tracks and responses, the feud intensified, with Drake invoking past controversies involving Pusha T, who had revealed Drake’s secret son. Lamar’s tracks, including “Euphoria” and “Meet The Grahams,” have garnered significant attention, while Drake’s responses, such as “Family Matters” and “Push Ups,” have also garnered streams but faced legal challenges.