July 18, 2024

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MilJayega to make vehicles and drivers safe through the innovative Smart Vehicle Stickers

Remember the times you returned to a deflated tire or a scratched vehicle? Ever been yelled at or got caught in an argument over wrong parking? Know someone who lost their life because donors could not be arranged in time? Did you know merely informing the family of a road accident victim can take quite a few hours? With MilJayega, finding answers to unattended vehicles and bringing the right help in case of accidents become easier. MilJayega Smart Vehicle Sticker (SVS) is all you need to overcome uncertainty.

Wondering how? Simply scan the sticker (Smartphone Camera / Paytm / Google Lens / Scanner Apps), lock the ownership, and stick it on your vehicle. Now anyone who needs to reach you for your unattended vehicle will be able to scan and connect; or in case of an accident, a bystander could inform your emergency contact or help arrange donors.

Owing to online frauds and dupes, people cannot risk leaving behind a business card or number. When one is stuck in double parking or someone else is in their spot, indefinitely waiting on the vehicle owner causes rage, which may result in people vandalizing the vehicle. With this nifty product you would be just a call away to save inconvenience for everyone and your precious vehicle. Not just this, respect your privacy while dedicated numbers ensure that you always know the purpose of the call. A big win for female drivers, and freedom from the confusion of unsolicited calls!

The packaging has been carefully designed and each SVS pack for 4-wheeler contains two 4.5 inches stickers, one paper sticker in the English language for the front windshield, and another reflector material in the local language for the rear. The 2-wheeler pack will contain two stickers, one 2.5 inches reflector material sticker for the helmet, and one 3 inches reflector material sticker for the vehicle. One can choose to have them in English or any regional language.

The big size makes it easy to spot and the range of colors ensures that there’s always a choice. The bilingual format means it’s both localized and standardized, while the reflective material makes it easy for people to spot it in the dark and enhances vehicle safety on the roads. The 2-wheelers stickers can also help to reunite with the misplaced helmets.

MilJayega a sociopreneurial venture, believes in goodness and thrives on rectitude. Vikram, the Founder quotes “As a country that loses almost 1.5 million lives each year to road accidents, and where parking chaos is contributing to rage and feuds, this product is a necessity. MilJayega SVS boosts the right civic sense, harmony, and contributes to a safer community.” MilJayega is absolutely thrilled to bag a recommendation letter from the Rajasthan Transport Department and is presenting SVS in other states too.

MilJayega is currently customizing the stickers for residential societies, membership clubs, corporate gifting, workshops, carwashes and actively seeking dealerships. Visit https://miljayega.com to know more.