April 21, 2024

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OnlyFans has put a halt to a policy change following outrage

OnlyFans has put a halt to a policy change following outrage.

Following substantial user backlash, OnlyFans has declared that it would postpone adjustments to its content creation policy.

Last Monday, the content subscription service said that starting in October, it would prohibit sexually explicit photographs and videos.

It tweeted on Wednesday that it had “delayed the scheduled policy change for 1 October.”

It is currently unknown whether the delay will last indefinitely.

OnlyFans promised to “continue to provide a platform for all creators” on Twitter.

The firm expressed gratitude by saying, “Thank you to everyone for making your opinions heard.”

“We’ve obtained the assurances we need to support our diverse creator community, and we’ve decided to postpone the policy change scheduled for October 1st.” OnlyFans stands for inclusion, and we’ll continue to provide a home for all creators. “

Further details will be emailed to content creators shortly, according to the business.

OnlyFans creator John Thomas, who goes by the stage name John Thomas, from London, was pleased with the platform’s announcement.

He cautioned, though, that it might not be enough to persuade individuals who have already found new homes for their work to return.

“So it’s short-term good news for sex workers who rely on the site,” he told the BBC, “and I’d want to see this as the start of OnlyFans’ increasing support, celebration, and promotion of sex worker rights.”

“However, I believe there was enough fear to encourage many models to continue their migration to other sites.”

OnlyFans makes money by deducting 20% of all payments made to content providers.

In May of last year, when the world was stranded at home due to the shutdown, the site saw a 75 percent rise in new creators.