July 23, 2024

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Elon Musk’s Humanoid Robot Embraces India with “Namaste” Gesture

Elon Musk, a renowned figure for his groundbreaking work in the realms of space science and artificial intelligence, has once again captivated the attention of Indian enthusiasts with a heartwarming gesture. On a recent Monday, Musk turned to the social media platform “X” (formerly known as Twitter) to share a captivating image featuring a humanoid robot gracefully offering a “Namaste” greeting. The response to this gesture has been nothing short of phenomenal, with numerous users and Indian fans expressing their admiration and thoughts.

The image prompted a flurry of reactions from users. One individual humorously remarked that the robot’s pose resembled a classical Bharat Natyam dance posture. Another user proudly asserted that “Namaste” had become the latest and most preferred form of greeting. A third person, extending warm greetings, simply commented, “Namaste from India.” Meanwhile, a fourth user playfully dubbed the robot an “AI Robot Yoga Machine.”

This humanoid robot, christened “Optimus,” is far more than just a visually appealing spectacle. It boasts a remarkable range of capabilities. Musk complemented the image with a video showcasing Optimus in action. The video detailed Optimus’s ability to self-calibrate its arms and legs using visual input and joint position encoders, enabling precise limb positioning in space. Optimus’s neural network operates autonomously onboard, relying solely on visual data.

In the video demonstration, Optimus engaged in a task where it adeptly sorted blue and green blocks into matching trays. What was truly astonishing was its adaptability—Optimus effortlessly completed the task, even when a human disrupted the placement of the blocks. The latter part of the video featured Optimus gracefully executing various yoga poses, highlighting its flexibility and agility.

Elon Musk’s appreciation for Indian culture and recognition of its remarkable achievements have undoubtedly strengthened his connection with India’s fervent admirers. His recent nod to India through the “Namaste” gesture is yet another testament to the enduring bond he shares with the nation’s enthusiastic audience.