June 21, 2024

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The latest design for business class airplane seats features a substantial 45-inch television screen.

With personal devices sporting high-resolution 4K screens now ubiquitous in our pockets, the seatback screens on airplanes often pale in comparison. Even in the priciest seats, the built-in cabin screens are typically inferior to those on our iPhones.

Enter Collins Aerospace and Panasonic Avionics, who have teamed up to revolutionize airplane entertainment with their MAYA concept. MAYA, short for “Most Advanced Yet Achievable,” introduces an ergonomic business class seat featuring an Astrova Curve 45-inch ultra-wide, ultra-high-definition OLED display. This screen syncs seamlessly with passengers’ personal devices, providing an immersive audio experience without headphones.

Debuted at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, MAYA garnered significant attention from industry insiders. The curved screen, three times larger than traditional business class options, promises an Ultra-Widescreen CinemaScope display, akin to the format found in cinemas.

While some may find the screen’s prominence overwhelming, especially if movies aren’t their main focus during flights, for cinephiles, MAYA offers undeniable appeal. Additionally, Panasonic emphasizes the screen’s versatility, enabling passengers to order meals, view maps, and connect to their devices.

Concerns about the display quickly becoming obsolete are addressed by its upgradability and sustainable technology. Despite being a conceptual product, feedback from airlines has been overwhelmingly positive, fueling confidence in MAYA’s future.