July 18, 2024

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Apple plans to hire more staff in the UK for AI initiatives

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has announced the company’s intention to increase its workforce in the UK, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) roles, in contrast to the wave of job cuts witnessed across the tech industry. This announcement comes on the heels of Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, revealing it would be reducing its workforce by 16%.

Prominent tech giants like Amazon, Meta, Google, and Microsoft have implemented significant job reductions since 2022. Tim Cook has been a vocal critic of this trend, previously referring to layoffs as a “last resort.”

In an interview with the PA news agency regarding AI and job opportunities in the UK, Cook stated, “We’re hiring in that area, yes, and so I do expect [investment] to increase.” Apple’s investment in AI aligns with the growing interest in AI technology across the tech industry. Amazon recently announced a substantial investment of up to $4 billion in the San Francisco-based AI company Anthropic, and Microsoft had previously invested billions in OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT.

The UK’s Culture Secretary, Michelle Donelan, praised Apple’s decision, emphasising its positive impact on the country’s tech sector and global recognition as an AI and technology powerhouse.

Antony Walker, deputy chief of techUK, highlighted the transformative potential of AI, which is expected to boost employment in AI-related businesses over the next few years. However, he also stressed the importance of a long-term strategy that prioritises digital skills training and lifelong learning to meet the evolving demands of the AI-powered economy.

Tim Pullan, CEO of ThoughtRiver, a provider of AI solutions for legal professionals, emphasised the beginning of an “AI-driven revolution” in the global economy. He expressed the significance of the UK’s potential to lead in AI innovation and attract more companies looking to leverage the country’s tech expertise, ultimately benefiting from increased investment and innovation.