May 30, 2024

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Does loan kill your business?

When an entrepreneur starts their new business, the only goal in mind is to achieve new heights and to earn a reputation among their competitors in their businesses. One puts all of their hard work, time, and money to rise step by step in their business, and healthy cash flow in business plays the most vital role in helping the business to run their operations smoothly.

If a loan would have to kill the business, then most of the business would not be in existence. There are many new and established businesses that are making most of their business with the additional support of the loan. There are many success stories about businesses achieving milestones with the help of loans from a bank in their business. The most famous one is Shri Dhirubhai Ambani who established a huge business empire with the help of an initial 1.5 million loan from the bank to start his factory and procure raw material and machinery for his factory. Now reliance industries are a renowned name of trust and success to everyone.

Mukesh Pandey, an ambitious and self-driven commerce graduate from the University of Madras owns 16 +years of experience in the business of loan distribution to self-employed and corporates based in Delhi NCR. Being the CEO of Rupyaapaisa.Com, he has been leading India’s fastest emerging financial aggregator and distributor which helps customers to make smart financial choices from a wide range of financial products by providing a perfect one stop marketplace for customers looking for various types of loans. It’s an authorised channel partner of multiple banks and NBFC which offer a comprehensive gamut of financial services for customers ranging from corporate to domestic services.

Headquartered at Delhi, the company offers a wide range of financial services including all types of loans, investments, life & general insurance, SME funding, information and guidance in matters relevant to investment, equities, loan against movable and immovable properties etc. Rupyaapaisa.Com believes in developing long lasting relationships and enhances the investment procedure through highly successful solutions, regular newsletters, support manuals with information update etc. to the final stage of implementation.

A well-funded business can easily execute their business plan properly and expand accordingly. During expansion or any low time in business, the business owner might feel the need for a loan which can help bridge the working gap which helps running daily operations smoothly or explore new opportunities to earn more profits in business.

It is well said that precaution is better than cure, this means if the loan is availed with precaution you will be able to reach high rise in your business by tapping the new market, bridging your working capital gap in business, expand to a new location to make a global presence and always have an edge among your competitors but if you don’t have defined end-use of the loan then you will end up paying heavy interest on the loan and lose all your profit in business. You might hamper your creditworthiness and CIBIL score and might have chances of losing your assets too.

So, in nutshell, you have to be honest and vigilant while doing any business transaction and this will ensure great success in business along with all your business partners, employee, family, and even your bank who will be supporting you in achieving your growth.