April 24, 2024

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Capriway taps the short-term rental segment

Capriway offers short-term rentals to the ones who are looking for temporary accommodation. With the rising job opportunities and increasing tourism, there’s a surge in short-term rentals.
Unfortunately, most of the properties offered are either for a long tenure or don’t follow the safety protocols, or don’t match the standards, thereby making it difficult for the customers to consider. Besides, millennials these days refrain from booking hotels as comfort is prime to them. Thus, Capriway wanted to tap the market and help the millennials enjoy their short stay.
Capriway is part of the MGV group which is into multiple ventures. With a vision to expand to more than 100 properties in the US & India, the team is determined to leave no stone unturned to reach the milestone. Having offered more than 180 nights of comfortable stay to the customers, Capriway aims to cater to all the segments across the US & India. Regardless of whether your lookout is for a studio room or a luxurious apartment, Capriway has multiple properties to cater to your needs. So, what makes the Capriway property stand out from the rest? Well, they invest only in “AAA-certified” properties and all their units are highly tech-enabled with updated IoT systems.
Pranav Mishra, the Founder & CEO of Capriway and the Founding partner of MGV Group believes that a quality stay is essential to be at peace. A good place is all about good vibes, positive energy, and comfort. With over 13 years of building consumer & enterprise-based businesses, Pranav Mishra had helped several small businesses establish their brand name. He believes in over-delivering and offering unique experiences to the customers such that it becomes a part of their good memories.
Capriway is proud of its team who strongly believes in the company’s vision and works collectively to achieve the same. Believe it or not, finding out new properties amidst the pandemic wasn’t easy for the team. But, with their sheer dedication and determination, they have added several properties to the existing list. The professionals are industry experts and are experienced in the client-handling process. They value the time, energy, and money of every customer and help them find the best property at optimum prices.
Whether you are a traveler, a freelancer, or a full-time professional, Capriway has a stay-solution for all. Get in touch with the team to know more about the properties and pricing.