June 24, 2024

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Image credit: The Mirror

Ukraine War: Russian forces are being urged to surrender by Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered Russian soldiers to surrender. In his nightly TV speech, he claimed that Russian forces sustained more losses during their invasion of his country than during the Chechnya battle.

He claimed that they had previously realised that war would accomplish nothing.

“I understand your desire to live,” he stated, adding that anyone who surrendered would be treated “humanely.”

Mr. Zelensky also paid tribute to Marina Ovsyannikova, the woman who stopped Russian state television news by waving an anti-war protest placard.

He expressed gratitude to “those Russians who never stop trying to transmit the truth” and who battled deception.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are set to resume on Tuesday, with Mr. Zelensky claiming very decent progress so far.

Later, in a video chat with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and members of the multinational Joint Expeditionary Force, Ukraine’s president chastised Nato for refusing to enforce a no-fly zone.

Mr. Zelensky asserted that NATO is “the world’s strongest alliance,” but that “some of its members are hypnotised by Russian aggression.”

He went on to say that Vladimir Putin’s invasion had weakened European security systems and that Russia was bombarding peaceful cities due to worries about World War Three.

In yet another diplomatic manoeuvre, the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia are on their way to Kyiv by train to meet with Mr. Zelensky.

Authorities in the besieged capital, on the other hand, have issued a 35-hour curfew that will begin at 20:00 local time on Tuesday.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, said it would last until 07:00 on Thursday and that it comes at a “difficult and dangerous time.”

“We hear your conversations in the intercepts,” Mr. Zelensky said, addressing the Russian invaders. “We hear what you really think about this senseless war, about this disgrace, and about your state.”

As a result, he added, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, he was giving them a choice.