April 16, 2024

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Trading Made Simple University breaks out the key of trading success

Trading Made Simple University presents a trading strategy class that helps an individual trader to master professional trading and enable you to become a full time trader. The company administrates personalized coaching with a clear strategy in Delhi.

Starting around 2017, Trading Made Simple University’s researcher’s group has been making exchanging arrangements that make trade easy; the excursion of advancement keeps on creating straightforward and simple to observe trade guidelines. Trading Made Simple University has a full proof plan to be known as the best trading strategy guide in India by 2025 by teaching clear, easy & proven trading skills for a fraction of the cost. They want to disrupt the current trading education and the advisory model that does injustice by charging large fees, with false promises causing frustration to thousands of Indian individual traders. They will guarantee not a solitary individual trader ought to need to experience the ill effects of an exchanging system guide that confounds them.

The founders of Trade Made Simple University meet with many Stock Market Traders in India. And see them struggling because of not having a clear trading strategy. This inspired them to build a team of trader success coaches that works towards planning and executing a customized trading plan that is best suited for traders. They tie a knot to spread awareness among traders.

The founder’s – Jitendra Jadon (CEO) and Ashis Biswas (CIO) have a great background in the market of finance. Jitendra Jadon is an engineering graduate with 9+ years of experience in financial market research, trading strategy and real market trading on other side Ashis Biswas earned his CMT (Chartered Market Technician) from the United States, which consider the highest qualification in the world on technical analysis and trading financial instrument. He has 20+ Years of experience in financial market research, trading strategy and real market trading. List does not end here during his study of human psychology and effect on emotions in decision making from London School of Business, he is trained by Mr Larry Williams a world-renowned trader to understand trader psychology and find a solution to manage emotion while trading. With this expertise, these legends proclaim to improve each trader existence and show them the best clear, dependable trading system since they accept that each individual broker merits an unmistakable and viable method for exchanging, They teach the best clear, time tested trading strategy because they trust every individual trader deserves a clear and effective way to trade which transform them into the kind of trader they love to become.

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