July 18, 2024

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The Dogfather: A Startup For Educating and Providing Best Products And Services For Pets

People who have pets at their place usually do not care to think about what is good for their pets and what is not. They usually feed them the food they eat themselves which is not always appropriate for the pets and might lack some nutritional values which are essential for animals. To bring out solutions for such problems, The Dogfather has come up to volunteer.

The Dogfather was never started with the motive of monetary gains, it started merely for the sake of emotions when the founder of The Dogfather, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, adopted his first pup and became a parent to him. The fatherly feeling and love toward him, made him start The Dogfather which is headquartered in Jaipur. They are taking initiative to educate as many people as they can through various campaigns in which they try to make the people understand that they should start parenting a pet instead of owning it, they are not a slave and do not need an owner but a family. They feel that still, the majority of products available in the pet food market are not worth their price, and some of them are downright dangerous for pets. They are drafting a petition to the Indian government to regulate pet industry products or bring them under agencies like FSSAI to evaluate their quality and make strict laws regarding it.

They served pan India through their website during lockdown when major e-commerce platforms were shut. They are the first in the pet industry to launch both iOS and Android apps for their store. Within 10 days of launch, it became the no 2 in the new app (Shopping category) in India. Since their launch, they have acquired distributorship for 28 International Petcare brands, with that they are not just serving directly to customers but also helping other small businesses to avail renowned and healthy products to cater to their own customers. Financially they are growing with a speed of doubling their revenue with each passing year from 2017 with a revenue of 6 Million.

They plan to establish their branches in every state capital within the next 3 years. They also plan to launch their own flagship cost-effective products tried and scientifically tested for pets which will be healthy and Cost effective too. With such plans, they not only serve the economic need but do a very noble deed too.

For more information log on to their website: Order Pet Food Online From The Best Pet Store in Jaipur – THE DOGFATHER