July 23, 2024

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Taggbox, a boot-strapped SaaS start-up is helping global brands blend authenticity into marketing with users’ content

In three years of its incorporation Taggbox, has helped more than 10,000 brands globally including Silicon Valley megacorporations resolve their issues related to winning prospects’ trust and engagement by leveraging the power of content generated by their users into marketing campaigns.

Taggbox, a boot-strapped start-up from Jaipur, commenced as a social wall tool helping brands gather attention and engagement of their audience by showcasing content that is created by people like them on websites and digital screens. 

It was the credibility and familiarity in content that intrigued the audiences, in addition to the fact that consumers look for honest content that gives them a realistic picture of the brand and its product. While for brands – increase their reach, brand awareness and revenue. 

Since its incorporation in 2018, Taggbox has been enhancing the marketing efforts of businesses by capitalizing on the users as brands best marketers and effortlessly adding a ‘human touch’ to agenda-led promotions. 

“As we dug deeper into the subject, the role of user-generated content(UGC) as a marketing strategy that brands cannot afford to drop became outright,” says Neeraj, CEO & Co-founder of Taggbox. 

With users’ behaviour inclining towards authenticity and relatability, the mainstream approach of including fictional elements and running self-promotions were failing to gather appeal and interest.

“Consumers engaged more with commonality. Real people sharing their unbiased view of brands, products and services carried far more weight and influence than any expensively produced television commercial, celebrity endorsement or advertisement,” Neeraj further explains.

Content generated by users as a component in marketing is becoming the essence to boost audience engagement, sales and grow business. In fact, customers who interact with UGC are twice as likely to convert. But you need the right tools and tactics to get the most out of your UGC.

Realising a possibility here, Taggbox moved from being a social media aggregator tool that brands used to collect content generated on social media platforms and publish it on web pages and digital screens to a complete UGC suite. 

“ Websites with featured users’ content saw a 20% increase in return visitors using Taggbox. “

Brands could leverage the level-up of word-of-mouth marketing at multiple marketing touchpoints – web pages, social ads, print media, email campaigns, eCommerce or online stores by making UGC shoppable, digital displays,  set up anywhere, at any time. 

What started out with one product and a team of four, has now multiplied to a suite of four products and a team of fifty, all working to assist brands with their ability to craft compelling narratives where users play protagonists. 

“ Sooner than they could fathom, the bootstrapped UGC marketing platform became the leading player of its niche, credits to its user-centric approach. ”

“The major issue faced in the beginning was a tech ecosystem.  Developing an infrastructure that sufficed our needs was indeed a challenge. But being driven by focus, we figured our way out through a lot of learning and unlearning. “ Neeraj recalls. 

Cut to present day, their clientele consists of more than 10,000 global brands in addition to 50+ features and over 30 integrations. Apple, Audi, Facebook, Ikea, Marvel, One Plus, National Geographic, Eureka Street  are amongst others who have used Taggbox and simplified brand promotions by enhancing brand-user interactions and letting the latter play brand advocates.

“It is one thing for a brand to make a statement – it’s another for a peer to echo it. And with more than 92% of consumers trusting UGC over traditional advertising, it gets all the more important for brands to make their consumers fall in love with their products and get them to share it.” he says.

With Taggbox’s enterprise-ready solutions; brands saw a conversion rate of over 23% by featuring UGC on their marketing campaigns, while the customer engagement got around 58% higher than content that is professionally created.

Currently, the platform is upgrading to enhance the user experience by providing smarter and faster AI & ML based solutions to their clients.  “With the processes becoming intelligent, our users can make the best content marketing decisions, in relatively lesser time and maximise on their ROI,” Neeraj emphasises. 

“When we started out, we laid a lot of emphasis on what users were asking from us. They were our torch-bearers, which is also turning out to be true not just in the operations that brands carry out, but also in marketing,” he says.  “So, If you don’t know who your users are and what they seek, find out by digging into what they’re saying and cash upon it,”  Neeraj closes. 

 Website : https://taggbox.com