May 30, 2024

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Spain experienced its “hottest ever temperature” in April due to climate change.

On Thursday, according to the United Nations Meteorological Service, with a temperature of 38.8 °C, Spain recorded its “hottest ever temperature” for April. The figures were recorded at 15:00 local time at the Cordoba airport in southern Spain.

With extreme heatwaves, Spain is facing 10-15 °C warmer temperatures than expected in April.

In order to escape the hottest parts of the day, schools will be permitted to change their schedules. In order to avoid lengthy platform delays, the Madrid metro has trains running more frequently than usual. Additionally, a month earlier than usual, public swimming pools are anticipated to open.

As climate change exacerbates already high temperatures, heat waves are also occurring in numerous locations worldwide.

The opposite is true in several parts of Spain, whereas some portions of Britain are currently cooler than average.

Europe is being forced to experience the heat from North Africa. More sunlight is reaching the already dry ground on the Iberian Peninsula thanks to a high-pressure weather system and clear skies, which prevent the heat from being emitted by the sun from rising.

The prolonged drought in many areas of Spain is compounded by the high heat. Only 25% of the Guadalquivir basin’s reservoirs are full. Due to these factors, there is a chance of early forest fires, and the national weather service has issued a warning that broad areas of the nation could be at risk. Of all the nations in Europe, Spain experienced the highest land burning in 2022.

According to specialists in the subject, climate change is most certainly a factor in this heatwave.

The first day of this year saw new records for the warmest January weather set in eight nations in central and eastern Europe.

Asia has recently had extremely hot weather. On April 15, temperatures rose to 45.4°C in northwest Thailand and 42.7°C in Laos.

The likelihood of an “El Nio event” is another aspect that will likely have an impact on whether globally over the upcoming months.

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru will become hotter as a result. If this occurs, 2024 could end up being the hottest year on record in history, with more fires, storms, and floods.