July 12, 2024

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Indonesia’s Bali Sea was shaken by a 7.0 earthquake, but there is no tsunami danger.

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 occurred beneath the sea to the north of the Bali and Lombok islands in Indonesia early on Tuesday, according to the European-“Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).” This event prompted residents to quickly evacuate their buildings in response to the shaking.

The earthquake’s epicenter was situated 203 kilometers (126 miles) north of Mataram, Indonesia, and was unusually deep, reaching a depth of 516 kilometers below the Earth’s surface, as reported by the EMSC. Both Indonesian and U.S. geological agencies assessed the earthquake’s magnitude as 7.1, and it was determined that there was no imminent threat of a tsunami.

The impact of the quake was felt shortly before 4 a.m. (2000 GMT) along the coastlines of Bali and Lombok. Following the initial quake, two subsequent quakes measuring magnitudes 6.1 and 6.5 were recorded, according to the Indonesian geological agency.

At the Mercure Kuta Bali hotel in Bali, guests experienced the tremors and hurriedly left their rooms for safety, with hotel manager Suadi relaying that this lasted only a few seconds. However, he affirmed that the guests had returned to their rooms and that the hotel structure remained undamaged.

As of the time of the report, there were no immediate accounts of any significant damage, as conveyed by the Indonesian disaster agency, BNPB. A spokesperson for BNPB, Abdul Muhari, emphasised that due to the earthquake’s considerable depth, it was not likely to cause widespread destruction.

In summary, a substantial earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck beneath the sea near Bali and Lombok islands in Indonesia, triggering evacuations among residents and temporary alarm among hotel guests. The earthquake’s depth and location influenced assessments from various geological agencies, with no indications of a tsunami threat or significant harm reported so far.