July 16, 2024

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Siddhant Mathur – Making An Effort To Squeeze The World Into His Camera

Nowadays, social media sites like Instagram and YouTube have made the term “Travel Photography” a pretty common one, and almost every second kid on Instagram desires to do such a thing just because it seems easy and fun, it may look like that the travel photographers do nothing but get to travel to places and get paid for clicking photos over there, but no that is not all! A travel photographer is supposed to see the world through a perspective which is rare to find makes it look beautiful from each and every angle, it requires passion and a zeal like nobody else’s. Siddhant Mathur is a person who has all these skills in abundance!

Being an MBA student, Siddhant Mathur has the right zeal to capture beautiful destinations and bring about life into those pictures with his unique style of photography. According to him, the strange yet the best part about the pictures is that ordinary people don’t understand the photographer’s motive behind capturing them. Therefore, through his lens, he wants to show the world what human eyes fail to notice. 

Besides having an enthusiastic drive towards his passion, Siddhant Mathur works as an influencer to Tripoto Community and has solved the queries of many who carry a high zest for travelling just like him. Talking about his past work experience, he has demonstrated his applauding skills by working as a photographer at National Geographic India and a photo editor at Airbnb. 

Like many of us, his love for mountains and travelling is immortal. According to him, travelling keeps him alive and brings calmness to his life. He has a strong desire to explore new destinations every day and capture their uniqueness through his lens. Living by the mantra “follow your heart”, he goes wherever his heart takes him to, without actually planning for it. Yes, of course, after taking some days off his busy schedule. 

Don’t you feel that the world becomes a better place with travel photography? However, clicking a photograph isn’t a cakewalk. It demands experience and most importantly, the passion for the same. And, Siddhant Mathur has both, experience and passion. 

With a decent amount of experience, Siddhant Mathur listens to your requirements carefully and never fails to come up with the expected results. So, feel free to approach him without any feeling of reluctance or hesitation.