July 23, 2024

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Yatish Jain, An Excellent Photographer Dedicated To Click Pictures Flawlessly

Yatish Jain, a creative and hardworking photographer who has experience of over 10 years. He deserves to be on the list of top photographers in Bangalore. His skills include excellent photography, soft skills, and event management.  

Having the name of the best photographer in Bangalore, Yatish has worked hard and trained over 800 keen and zealous photographers. Motivating his students and helping them improve their skills are the main motives of his coaching. He makes sure that his students are capable enough to capture pictures flawlessly.

With one of the most humble beginnings, Yatish Jain has gradually gained experience and now has a team of 10 talented professionals that cover wedding photography and videography.

Being the CEO of GroomX Knowledge Pvt Ltd, Junq Ventures Pvt Ltd, and Kaalia Productions, Mr. Jain is not only passionate about photography but has also participated in community-based events. He was also the former president of Agarwal Yuva Sangh, Karnataka and Youth President of International Vaish Federation, Karnataka.

Weddings are the most memorable part of every human being’s life. Every moment in marriage is special. Yatish Jain is an expert at wedding photography. He not only captures the moments but also captures the emotions behind the photos with his videography skills. He makes sure that his photos are lively enough. Pre-wedding shoots by Mr. Jain are amazing and he purely focuses on bringing out the true value of marriages through his photography.

Candid is the new trend. And Yatish along with his team are experts at clicking candids in weddings and many other events. At times these photographs turn out to be the most beautiful pictures of their lives. Capturing lively smiles and innocent expressions of kids during the baby shoot is one of the specialities that Yatish has got.

Not only wedding and pre-wedding shoots but his services also include fashion, advertising, lifestyle, industrial, art, modelling, boudoir, interiors, beauty, products, automobiles, and much more.

While the team is one of the amazing tools that Yatish has got, the other is his studio. Yatish’s studio is a super cool studio along with a charming terrace to shoot candids. They love to capture the fun, off-beat and candid, which will give a pleasant experience. One will enjoy the whole photo session which will give beautiful memories.

Yatish’s pictures are stunning with creative ideas and his image quality is impeccable. Whoever it might be will enjoy the photoshoot as his team makes it comfortable. If anyone is looking for an excellent photographer, then considering Yatish and his team is one of the best choices. They are super responsive, flexible, funny and incredibly easy and delightful to work with. You won’t find better value and quality than Yatish PHOTOGRAPHY.

To know more about Yatish, his team, and his services, visit the link: https://portfoliofashion.com/