May 29, 2024

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Russian President Putin is scheduled to embark on a state visit to China later this week

Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will embark on a two-day state visit to China later this week, marking another display of solidarity between the two authoritarian nations against the Western liberal global order led by the U.S.

During his visit starting on Thursday, Putin is scheduled to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The ministry stated that the discussions between the two leaders will encompass “cooperation in various fields of bilateral relations” as well as “international and regional issues of common concern,” although no specific details were provided.

The Kremlin confirmed Putin’s trip, noting that it was upon Xi’s invitation. This visit marks Putin’s first foreign trip since his inauguration for a fifth term as president.

China’s political support for Russia in the Ukraine conflict has been unwavering, and it has continued to provide crucial exports such as machine tools and electronics, indirectly aiding the Russian war efforts without exporting weaponry. Additionally, China remains a significant market for Russian energy exports, bolstering the Kremlin’s financial resources.

While China has positioned itself as a neutral party in the Ukraine conflict, it has forged a robust partnership with Russia, vehemently opposing Western sanctions and emphasizing an “unrestricted” relationship with Moscow. Joint military exercises between the two nations have been conducted, further solidifying their alliance.