June 21, 2024

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Biden states Trump’s verdict proves no one is above the law.

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on Friday, emphasizing that Donald Trump’s conviction in the hush money trial underscored a fundamental tenet of American democracy: the principle that no individual, regardless of their status, is exempt from accountability under the law. Addressing the nation from the White House, Biden highlighted the composition of the jury, comprising ordinary citizens who conscientiously considered the evidence presented and rendered a unanimous verdict.

Biden asserted that Trump was afforded ample opportunities to present his defense, emphasizing that the trial was conducted at the state level and involved a jury of 12 citizens, selected through a standard process reflective of the American judicial system. He underscored the diligence of the jury’s five-week review of evidence, culminating in a unanimous verdict finding Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts.

Despite the conviction, Biden noted that Trump retained the right to appeal the decision, citing it as a cornerstone of the American legal framework. He cautioned against baseless claims of rigging, characterizing such assertions as reckless and detrimental to the integrity of the justice system, which has endured for nearly 250 years as a fundamental pillar of American society.

Responding to Trump’s accusations implicating him and his administration in the legal proceedings, Biden maintained composure, stating that he was unaware of possessing such significant influence. Moreover, Biden expressed confidence in his own conduct, dismissing concerns about potential charges post-presidency, reiterating his faith in the efficacy of the American legal system.