April 24, 2024

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Rare NFT collection of legendary athlete Milkha Singh to be launched on 26th January

Marking the 73rd Republic Day of India, AtiusDAO announces the launch of a rare collection of NFTs of the legendary Indian athlete Milkha Singh. Also known as ‘The Flying Sikh’, Milkha Singh is a true patriot and a trailblazer.

What are NFTs, you ask?

Stands for Non Fungible Tokens, but can actually be anything digital. An image, a piece of music, a wonderful video, digital sand, your mapped brain, or just anything that you can think of. Just that the NFTs have become an extremely exciting place and the tech to sell these NFTs is evolving fast.  More technically, NFTs are unique digital assets and represent a unique property that makes them non-equivalent to other tokens on the blockchain network.

Supported by the enabling technology of NFTs which would help the sports lovers to own their own piece of rare moments of sporting history, altiusDAO has now announced the launch of a rare collection of NFTs of the celebrated life of Milkha Singh.

Born in a remote village in the Multan province, young Milkha saw his family being murdered during the Partition of India in 1947. Fighting battles beyond track and field with great grit and determination, he bore numerous hardships including living on a railway station, staying in prison for traveling without a ticket, doing petty jobs for survival, until he joined the Indian Army. It was there that he discovered his potential as an athlete.

Popularly known as “the Flying Sikh”, Singh won four Asian Gold medals, 1 British Empire & Commonwealth Gold medal, and finished fourth in Rome, 1960 Olympics.  He was awarded the Helms World Trophy in 1959 for winning 77 of his 80 international races. He was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in recognition of his sporting achievements.

Milkha Singh, the finest athlete India has ever produced, has always captured the nation’s imagination and inspired generations of athletes forever. Many aspired to the glory that he brought to the Indian Flag. One of his many admirers includes Neeraj Chopra, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold medalist. He remembered  Milkha Ji’s desire and dream of seeing an Indian athlete on top of the podium in Olympics and hearing the national anthem play in the stadium .

“It was his dream to see an Indian athlete winning gold at the Olympics. I remembered his words at that moment and I wished that he should have been with us to see his dream coming true,”                                

                                                                        -Neeraj Chopra

When he won the Gold in the Tokyo Olympics,  he graciously dedicated the medal to the memory of Milkha Ji. Sadly, Milkhaji had passed on just a few weeks earlier on June 18, 2021 and was not there to see this monumental triumph of Neeraj Chopra.

Milkha Singh’s family which includes celebrated golfer, Jeev Milkha Singh, and his three elder sisters Aleeza, Mona & Sonia mentioned it to be an overwhelming moment for them; and also a celebration of the unparalleled legacy that their father left behind. 

“He was bigger than life and touched millions of hearts. A part of me died when I lost him last year. The memories, stories, and the values he has given will live with me forever. Let’s keep his legacy alive.” shares Jeev Milkha Singh.

A significant portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of these NFTs would be donated to Milkha Charitable Trust for the purpose of promoting sports and helping the needy

Now, you can get a chance to celebrate and relive the most inspiring moments of his life through a rare collection of NFTs, which will drop on Jan 26th, 2022, the Republic Day of India. The ‘Milkha Singh’ collectibles will include a set of Super Rare NFTs, Rare NFTs, a Champion Collection and Free Airdrops of Sprinter Collection of the sporting life of Milkha Singh.

This Milkha Singh NFTs launch is being done in collaboration with Polygon Studio.  Polygon Studio is owned and operated by Polygon (formerly MATIC), Polygon Studios is a media hub delivering the fast growing world of web3 entertainment to the masses.

Ishan Negi from Polygon Studio mentioned  “Polygon Studio is extremely excited about this partnership with altiusDAO. Polygon Studio strongly believes that altiusDAO will be instrumental in bringing positive change to sports by leveraging the power of the sports community across the world. The First NFT launch of Milkha Singh, one of India’s greatest athlete, is a momentous step forward”

And there’s more for NFT holders!

These exclusive collectible NFTs also come with some rare, super premium and exclusive utilities which includes invaluable personal memorabilia of Milkha Singh along with some top end and super exclusive sporting experiences. Details of the same would be revealed before the launch of the sale on 26th January.

To know more about this NFTs collection, follow Twitter and Instagram handle or visit their website.