July 12, 2024

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Public Policy Emerges as a New Viable Option For Young Change Makers

There’s always a scope for development, isn’t it? Public policymakers are constantly striving to improve the lives of citizens. The policymakers in power establish rules, regulations, and procedures that guide the actions of citizens within their jurisdiction and also frame policies to improve public welfare. Thanks to one such Indian policymaker Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, a Research Scholar and a Public-Defence-Foreign Policy Analyst who has contributed to framing public policies for the well-being of the citizens. Sumanta Bhattacharya was intrigued by the public policy sector and has published several research papers in the economy, banking policy, food security, agricultural policy, urban policy, rural development, climate change, environment, and poverty in India.

Wondering about the applicability of the public policies? Well, Public Policies are applicable in every sector of life such as education, healthcare, national security, transport, infrastructure development, construction, and so on. Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya has won Rashtriyatriya Samaj Seva Ratan Award 2020, Mahatma Gandhi International Nobel Peace Award for Renaissance Man in Public Policy and Education, Global Change Maker Award 2020, for Education and Public Policy Young Researcher Award 2020 from the Institute of Scholars (InSc). Youngsters should step forward and contribute to the public policy sector by choosing it as their career. Public policy courses like M.A. in Public Policy, Masters in Public Policy, Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management, M.A. in Public Administration and Policy, and M.A. in Governance in Public Policy teach candidates leadership skills in public management, ethics in public management, economic analysis for public policy, and decision-making in public policy.

There’s a lot of scope in the public policy sector. Policy graduates can work for private and nonprofit entities or directly for the government. Candidates are offered roles of Researcher, Research Analyst, Public Policy Manager, Duty Manager, Welfare Officer, and so on. Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya doesn’t believe in being merely a spectator but a contributor. His inquisitiveness led him to explore several sectors thereby owning 108 research papers (some under processing ) and 14 patents to his credit. Along with this, he has also published 18 book chapters on education, women empowerment, Indian Diaspora, and so on.

India needs more contributors to make it a developed nation. The young generation must be innovative thinkers and be the change that they wish to see.