June 24, 2024

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“Mojo” an ecofriendly, sustainable brand of fuel by Planet Conversations promotes green and sustainable living

“Mojo” is the carbonised fuel brand of a company called Planet Conversations that aims to reduce carbon emissions by substituting fossil fuel coal with Green fuel Mojo. Mojo is a 100% smokeless, natural, organic, ecofriendly fuel that is used in Restaurants, hotels, Barbecues and also as an Industrial fuel in boilers.

With a vision to reduce carbon emissions and promote alternate energy sources, Planet Conversations International strives for excellence.  With 1 ton of fossil coal releasing approx 5000 pounds of carbon emissions no government initiative can help the planet unless there is a larger milestone awareness with people making informed choices of the fuel they use. India’s commitments in Glasgow Climate Convention ensuring 50% of the country’s energy from renewable  resources by 2030 can only be met through awareness at a grass root level and this is where Mojo, a brand of green fuel comes into play. Mojo is made from agricultural waste such as coconut shell, rice husk, sawdust, groundnut shell, forestry hardwood waste and other biomass wastes which either get burnt or dumped in landfills. This burning of tonnes and tonnes of biomass waste aggravates environmental issues of global warming and hence the founders used advanced technologies to transform agriwaste into solid green fuel that can substitute fossil coal.

Mojo Coconut BBQ Briquette charcoal and Mojo Lumpwood charcoal briquettes come in exclusive bag packaging with an inner thick lining to keep the product moisture free for a long time. The bags are easy to carry and can be used to host safe parties for restaurant-style cooking and barbecuing at home. Empowered by a team of dreamers, engineers, evangelists the company is contributing to a greener planet by replacing fossil fuel coal with smokeless, green fuel Mojo. Globally 30 Gigatonnes of coal on an average is used to meet world’s energy requirements. This burning of coal results in carbon emissions depleting the ozone layer and hence global warming. The founders of Planet Conversations wanted to address this and thus launched Mojo smokeless green fuel made from agriwaste that substitutes fossil coal giving  similar calorific values with far less consumption.

Some of their products are Mojo Coconut Cube Charcoal, Mojo Quickfire OnThe Go Charcoal, Mojo BBQ Hardwood Lump Charcoal, Mojo Coconut BBQ Charcoal, and Sawdust Briquettes and Pellets. Regardless of whether you are looking for the best charcoal briquettes for smoking your meat or vegetables or waiting for that natural subtle aroma of coconut in home cooked kebabs, Planet Conversations has myriad options to choose from to suit your fuel needs.

The founders say, “Using technology solutions to convert tonnes of waste into fuel is one of the biggest opportunities available to Mankind. Our team of engineers, social activists, designers, and evangelists believe that advanced technologies, built on sustainable business practices can contribute to a greener planet.”

Mojo has been awarded “Environment product of the year” by the Ministry of SME. Planet Conversations International has also been covered by Fiji National Television for its eco-friendly products and equipments. Planet Conversations envisions to foray into BBQ retailing. The team is also planning to get into compressed biogas using agri/biomass waste as raw feed contributing to greener/sustainable transportation alternatives thereby reducing dependencies on fossil fuel. Click https://www.mojobbq.org/ to know more.