July 14, 2024

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Marathi Music Video Disti Zaakas G Releasing Soon

The current pandemic has prompted a shift from conventional media to over-the-top (OTT) media that lets the viewers binge-watch their favorite genre with a single click.
Thanks to the service providers who are working effortlessly to stream the best content for the viewers. The genres like crime-thrillers, murder- mysteries, and psychological thrillers intrigue the audience and keep them glued to the OTT platforms.
One such web series is “Killer” which gained popularity for its unique storyline and excellent performance by the lead cast – Naina Shetty, Vikrant Rajput, Palk Khan, Pawan Pandey, and Shriya kumari.

Naina Shetty proved her acting abilities through her horror debut movie “Suspense” which was released in 2019. Besides this, she has also been a part of 2 web series that are streaming on OTT platforms. The first one is named “Killer” and the subsequent one is yet to be named. Naina Shetty claims to be a big Bollywood fan and has been following Indian cinema since her childhood days.
She knew acting was her calling and would want to contribute to society through her movies and web series. She is focused on content-rich projects that would not only challenge her acting skills but would leave the right message to the audience.
Naina Shetty recently finished the shoot of the Marathi Music Video – “Disti Zaakas G” which will soon be released. The song is written by Raju Kale, directed by Vicky Baikar, and produced by Sumit Savant. Music by Rajendra Salunke and sung by Vaishali Samant & Sumit Savant, this song caters to the millennials who connect well with peppy and vibrant songs. Shot at Virar in Mumbai, Disti Zaakas G is a high-on-energy melody that keeps your dancing spirits high.
Naina Shetty believes that being an actor is being a part of the self. You have to be original with your eyes, expressions, and looks to get the character right. She is known to be a versatile actress who dares unconventional roles and performs them nonchalantly. She is awestruck by Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar and would love to work with them.