July 12, 2024

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Kubic Online, an Edutech startup is changing the dynamics of the educational ecosystem completely

Real education is one that makes you think. It lets you make better decisions by analyzing the pros and cons of choices that you possess.

It sharpens your logical, reasoning, and analytical skills. And this solely lies in the hands of educational institutes that take the responsibility of shaping a student’s future. Kubic Online Edutech is changing the dynamics of the educational ecosystem completely. It is creating a career-shaping space that has all the tools to enhance the skill set of a student.

No longer education is just a means to score high grades. It is beyond these grades that lets an individual form his own identity. Kubic Online Edutech is an online learning platform that emphasizes the best practices for education to help students across the country develop a sense of affinity towards education. Kubic Online Edutech has taken the responsibility of identifying the areas where the current education system needs to improvise.

The founder and managing director of Kubic Online Vaibhav Bajpai who is an educationist for last 20 years said, “Best quality education is our motto along with well planned curriculum. Our courses give in depth explanation of course content. Interactive sessions and quality problem solving are key features at Kubic.”

The students who are pursuing JEE Main, NEET, or MBA entrances aspirants, or the ones preparing for placements can avail Kubic Online Membership Card worth Rs 15,999/- for free. This membership gives them access to all premium resources like question banks, free lectures, case studies, mock tests, topic-wise tests, scholarship assistance, monthly magazines, and much more. This initiative is sure to help the desiring and deserving students to achieve their dreams especially during the chaos created by the pandemic which is hampering students education.

“Our Mission is simple – making education accessible and affordable,” said Shubham Mahajan, CEO, and Director of Kubic Online EduTech Pvt. Ltd.

“My vision is aligned with our mission to integrate technology along with education and also making it easily accessible to every student. My focus is not only changing the dynamics of education but also providing employment opportunities to people across the country affected because of the pandemic,” he further added.

The company offers a 10-week work from a home transformational program named ‘Corporate Leadership Programme’ aimed at building the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the right kind of exposure and corporate experience. Any student pursuing UG or PG can apply for this program without any registration fee.

Recently the startup has launched the Kubic Online partner program that aims to provide employment opportunities to everyone in the country from the comfort of their homes. Rigorous training is provided and there is no registration fee for this digital partnership. This program will help many individuals who are waiting for the right opportunities or have lost their job in this lockdown. The experts will guide these individuals and will offer end-to-end support for their operations and would also provide ample networking opportunities to them.