April 13, 2024

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Jaideep Bihani

Jaideep Bihani releases 22 Million INR to support Teachers and Students during the Pandemic

Pandemic has ruined people’s lives. Who do you think got affected the most and is still not recovering from its losses? It’s the educational sector. Though the other sectors have started their business and trying to get back to the form, education institutions are still facing troubles due to covid-19.

This is because educational Institutes include a large number of students and gatherings. Large gatherings might lead to the quick spread of covid-19. Hence these education institutes are yet to be opened. It is a burden for the students themselves to pay fees during these pandemic situations.

But the Bihani Education Trust, Sri Ganganagar understands the situation of both students and teachers and is trying their best to satisfy them. While all other educational institutes have stopped paying salaries to their employees Bihani Education Trust has paid 66 per cent of their salary every month to their employees during a pandemic time. Even paying fees has been a burden to the parents. To avoid such pressurised situations, the Bihani Education Trust has decided to collect only 60 per cent of the total school fee from the parents.

This fantastic idea to give away 66 per cent of salaries to the employees was Jaideep Bihani’s. He is the one who took a stand for his employees. Born on 16th June 1965, Bihani is from Sri-Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Being a commerce student Bihani always knew the value of money. Bihani is helping his employees with everything that he has.

To avoid burden and dissatisfaction for the Teachers Jaideep has decided to give away the rest of the employee’s salary in the form of bonus. The total amount is estimated as 2.2 crores. It is decided that this 2.2 crores amount will be given to the employees in the form of 2 terms. In the first term, a total of Rupees 1,23,71,136 will be given to the employees. And the rest of 98 lacs will be given in the second term. Despite losses and the closure of the educational Institute Jaideep Bihani has taken this decision to support his employees in hard times.

While a few educational institutes are trying to collect fees from the students and are also paying less than half of their salaries to their employees, Jaideep Bihani has taken humanity to another level and is supporting both students and teachers in his way. He has been associated with many social welfare organisations as well as serving as president and patron. He has also fought assembly elections in Rajasthan successfully. Paying at least a bit might be easy for the parents and teachers also need to pay to their children. Intending to have a win-win situation Bihani has taken this decision.