April 16, 2024

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Image credit: OneIndia

India’s response to China, Pakistan showed it won’t be coerced by anybody: Jaishankar

According to External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, India’s reactions to China and Pakistan on border disputes demonstrated that the country would not submit to pressure from outside parties.

India will take whatever steps are necessary to maintain its security, the External Affairs Minister stated during the Tughlaq’s 53rd annual day celebration in Chennai. The “long-suffering approach” of India, he continued, raised the risk of normalising terrorism, but the Air Force’s airstrike on Balakot had sent the crucial message. When India attacked a terror camp in Balakot in 2019 in retaliation to the Pulwama terror incident, it employed airpower for the first time.

We ran the risk of normalising horror because of our patient attitude. Therefore, Uri and Balakot communicated a crucial message. China is currently trying to alter the status quo on its northern frontiers by sending out strong forces and breaking our agreements. “Our counter-response was robust and firm notwithstanding the COVID; keep in mind that this occurred in May of 2020,” he stated.

According to him, despite the hostile weather and rugged terrain, the Indian forces stationed along the border will protect the borders.

These tens of thousands of soldiers, who are stationed in hostile environments, secure our borders. Even today, it still goes on. India is important, and the rest of the world can see that this is a country that will not submit to pressure. No one will be allowed to force it. “And that it will take whatever steps are necessary to protect its national security,” the minister declared.

According to Mr. Jaishankar, the central government is aiming to establish a wide range of ties and more solidified economic ties that are supported by improved security coordination.

The 1947 partition of India, which cut off numerous provinces, diminished the nation’s grandeur and made China the largest country in the world, according to the speaker’s assertion.