March 2, 2024

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Iconic Actor Richard Franklin image

Iconic Actor Richard Franklin, Known for Doctor Who, Passes Away at 87

Richard Franklin, celebrated for Doctor Who and Emmerdale roles, passed away at 87, confirmed by sources. On Christmas Day, the actor peacefully passed away, succumbing to a prolonged illness, as disclosed in a statement.

Richard Franklin’s legacy is forever linked his role as Captain Mike Yates in Doctor Who (1971-1974), leaving an enduring imprint. His versatility extended to his appearances in Crossroads and his portrayal of businessman Denis Rigg in ITV’s Emmerdale.

A spokesperson for Franklin conveyed the profound sadness of his loss, emphasising his generosity, creative spirit, and storytelling prowess. Beyond his familial connections, Franklin’s impact resonated across generations through his extensive contributions to both television and theater.

Doctor Who fans cherish Captain Yates, recalling his pivotal role in the show’s classic 1970s episodes. Franklin revisited the role in subsequent decades, including a notable appearance in the show’s 20th-anniversary special in 1983. His engagement with fans at conventions further solidified his connection with the Doctor Who community.

Katy Manning, Franklin’s Doctor Who co-star, expressed gratitude for a recent meeting, paying tribute to the “wonderful brave Captain Yates” on social media. Richard Franklin, born in Marylebone in 1936, not only left a significant impact in the entertainment realm but also authored “Forest Wisdom: Radical Reform of Democracy and the Welfare State. His political ventures encompassed unsuccessful runs as parliamentary candidate in multiple general elections, showcasing his broad contributions to public life.

Awaiting details of Franklin’s funeral, the entertainment industry mourns a versatile actor. Fans and colleagues remember him for his remarkable career.