July 23, 2024

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Girls Only, a skincare brand by 13-year-old Naysha Shrivastava to be launched soon

As the world celebrates “International Day of Girl Child”, a 13-year-old youngster from the bustling city of dreams-Mumbai is creating a skincare brand solely for teenagers. Naysha Shrivastava is all set to embark on her entrepreneurial journey and give her fellow teenagers an exclusive skincare brand – “Girls Only.”

As a teenager, Naysha loves to use skincare products, but her choice remains confined to those owned by her mother or the brands available in the market primarily targeted at adults. This limitation and unavailability of products meant for younger skin emerged as a common concern among her peers.

After getting into a scuffle with her mom over cosmetics, Naysha decided to create her own skincare brand exclusively for the teenage community. A conviction made in the heat of the moment actually took shape as she started the research, worked on the brand design, shortlisted the products, and created a launch plan of her Brand she named “Girls Only”. And by the way, she did all this, being 13 years old. Her father was amazed to see her preparation, understanding, vision and encouraged her to pursue this idea and go ahead with her dream.

In her own words, “Parents are concerned that Teens are using products that are not intended for their skin. “Girls Only” brings skincare & makeup products that are designed exclusively for teenage skin, ensuring that their skin is happy and healthy.”

To begin with, Girls Only will feature ten essential skincare products like Cleanser, Face Mask, Lip gloss, Moisturizer, Brow and Eyelash gel, Toner, and later expand its range to meet various needs of teenagers and youngsters.

Naysha strongly believes that this Brand should represent the teenage community identifying and relating with the Brand. She has created a closed group of opinionated teenagers from different walks of life from across the globe. Here, they discuss the products, design and other aspects of the Brand.

She intends to expand this Tribe (community) over various social media platforms like Instagram and Telegram in the coming years to make it a strong brand – For teenagers, by teenagers!