April 21, 2024

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Franchise 100 strives to keep the vision of entrepreneurship alive

Franchise 100 connects franchise investors to various brands helping them to achieve high success rates in their entrepreneurial journey.
They help brands expand according to their growth strategy i.e Franchise expansion, Fundraise, and acquisition of the business. Franchise 100 envisions keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and offering them value-added services to strengthen their journey.
With their exclusive services, they have helped clients fulfill their dream of becoming business visionary.
Franchise 100 believes in offering augmented services with the best results. Akash Shetty, the founder of franchise 100 believes in creating an ecosystem that understands the dreams and aspirations of both investors and brands. He says that the best way to fulfill your dream is to work towards it and achieve it.
After his successful business journey from the R-Infra, he incubated Franchise 100 to support all those entrepreneurs who didn’t anticipate franchise business due to failure stories in the franchise industry. India being a land of inventions and innovations offers multiple platforms for budding entrepreneurs and business owners to give shape to their ideas.
Franchise 100, being one among them, has helped entrepreneurs who are looking to start new businesses, entrepreneurs looking for secondary sources of income, brands looking to expand their current business, and organizations looking forward to scaling the business through acquisition, to grow multifold. Some of their clients are Rocky Rolls,
The Bombay Gourmet Market Store Retail, The Bombay Sultani Biryani House, The Cloud9 Fitness Club and Bhauki Chai. The team helped Rocky Rolls QSR concept curated by celebrity chef Ameya Mahajani signed up 6 outlets in 6 months and generate a revenue of more than 25 lakhs. The Bombay Gourmet Store Retail store concept owned by Akshay Kumar serial entrepreneur signed up 8 outlets in 5 months and generated revenue of more than 45 lakhs.
Regardless of whether you are looking for franchise opportunities, business expansion, fundraising, turn-key project support, or selling your business, Franchise 100 is a one-stop destination for all your business needs. Right from preparing the deck & financial projection to connecting with the right investor and signing the term sheet, the professional team ensures it goes well.
The team also helps the brand with its exit strategy by getting it acquired by a prospective investor looking for scaling his business through acquisition, thereby making it a win-win for both brand & investors. Franchise 100 provides support for setting up outlets that include interior designing & contracting, kitchen design & manufacturing, and consulting for various licenses required to run the business.
Franchise 100 is looking forward toon-board with 100 brands by the year-end and signing up 100 outlets 2021-2022 for franchise 100 Top brands. With extensive business knowledge, sheer determination, and an efficient team, Franchise 100 is on a mission to empower people through its services. Visit
to know more about the franchise business model.