April 16, 2024

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Bioneer Industries Go Digital to Connect with Farmers across the Country

Seed and fertilizer company Bioneer Industries Pvt Ltd will be using digital platforms and social media to connect with farmers to promote and sell their products in the coming season. The digital solution will be provided by S S Systems Pvt Ltd by arranging virtual meetings of farmers in batches, said Mr Aamir Junaid Ahmad, CEO of S S Systems Pvt Ltd, a Digital Marketing expert and Mr M Kumar Director of Bioneer Industries. This small targeted batch of farmers will help the company to identify potential leads for their sales. Audio and video messages will be used to reach farmers and educate them with the benefits of modern tools of farming and also guide farmers to protect from various plant diseases, pest infections and weather changes.

In today’s time, when the cost of every item is touching the sky, getting things in affordable price has become very difficult making it especially difficult for the middle and lower sections of farmers to sustain their livelihood. Therefore, Bioneer Industries Pvt.Ltd has emerged as a respite against high prices.

The company provides seeds of different variety all over India in prices that is affordable by large sections of people making it easy for farmers and other people who are engaged in agriculture and related activities to sustain their occupation.

Bioneer Industries provide different varieties of seed that are necessary for growth of agricultural sector including vegetable seeds such as radish, tomato, lady finger, sponge gourd etc, cereals such as paddy, maize, wheat etc., fruits like watermelon and many more. The company has a highly dedicated team of Research and Development that works with lot of dedication and spends lot of time to find out about different varieties of hybrid seeds that can contribute towards agricultural growth and productivity.

The company is betting big to connect with thousands of farmers across the country with the use of software and digital platforms.