July 23, 2024

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BigCat Paws Wildlife Conservation Society releases Save tiger documentary series

Tiger, being the national animal of India needs to be protected. These habitats must be preserved for the current and future generations. With a message to protect tigers, BigCat Paws Society released the Save tiger documentary series. ‘Save tiger’ is a conservation documentary series that highlights the critical linkage between tigers, forests, river systems, and humans essential for ecological and economic security. BigCat Paws Conservation Society envisions creating awareness about various Tiger reserves and the necessity to preserve them.

Incepted in the year 2020 in New Delhi, BigCat Paws Conservation Society is a non-governmental organization. It’s a 10 member team. Shekar babu, the Founder of BigCat Paws Conservation Society is an industrialist and a wildlife conservationist. He believes in a balanced ecosystem where all the inhabitants coexist peacefully. He says,”Tigers are the beauty of the jungle, and saving these big paws is our responsibility.” Backed up by wildlife experts, nature conservationists, and wildlife photographers,BigCat Paws Conservation Society is confident of its ‘Save Tiger’ mission. The documentary was shot in nearly 10-15 tiger reserves. The camera expert Robin karyeth and his crew caught real snapshots of these enormous felines which made the narrative seriously intriguing.

The ‘Save Tigers’ documentary shares information about tigers and their habitats alongside scientific facts about tigers and ecosystems. This documentary details the intricate and interwoven actions needed to secure the future of Tiger habitats and local communities. Likewise, it also aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of wildlife and wilderness. The documentary emphasizes building capacity in range states, reducing human-tiger conflict, conducting scientific research on tigers to form conservation strategies, promoting tiger-friendly policies, monitoring tiger numbers, populace patterns, and dangers to tigers and their living spaces.

BigCat Paws Conservation Society aims to conserve tigers and educate them on the importance of preserving wildlife. With a vision to preserve tigers for future generations both wildlife and humans, ‘Save Tigers’ documentary sends a powerful message to mankind to stop the killing and trafficking of tigers.