July 16, 2024

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At Natyaverse, Create Your Dance NFTs and Unleash Your Full Potential as an Artist

In recent years, Web 3.0 has emerged as a disruptor in the global marketplace. With the advent of concepts like the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Web 3.0 is rapidly gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. In India, the Web 3.0 community is striving to leave a more profound impact on the global landscape. Natyaverse is a unique and innovative Web 3.0 startup dedicated to empowering dancers through the virtual assets of NFTs.

In India, dance, like many other art forms, is still not considered a professional career. In fact, dance as an art form is highly undervalued and underfunded. As a result, dancers in India are in this perpetual struggle to monetize their dancing talent and generate an income flow from that. Natyaverse, a Hyderabad-based Indian Web 3.0 startup, is here to counter this situation and empower dancers through the boom in the Web 3.0 and metaverse space.

Natyaverse leverages blockchain technology to help dancers to monetize their skills and generate income through royalties. In other words, Natyaverse is an NFT marketplace that allows dancers to create NFTs of their unique dance moves and claim ownership of those moves. Moreover, dancers and fans alike get an opportunity to receive creators’ royalty and secondary royalties whenever their NFTs are traded. In addition, NFT holders get access to exclusive artist communities and privileges like meet-n-greet, merchandise, unreleased music, etc.

Talking about the platform, Varun Billa shares, “Dancers put in an immense amount of hard work and dedication to develop their skill set. The amount of practice a professional dancer needs to invest in perfecting their skill is no less than a professional athlete. However, artists do not need money is still a concept in our society. Therefore, despite all the hard work, practice, and devotion, it becomes hard for a dancer to generate a good income or achieve financial security. In this scenario, Natyaverse is on a mission to enable dancers to monetize their dance moves. Dancers can easily utilize Natyaverse to create dance NFTs and get royalties from the NFT trades.”

Natyaverse is a one-of-its-kind NFT marketplace for dance where dancers can come and create a digital portfolio. It enables fans to fund the creativity of their favorite artists and launch dance moves independently. Moreover, the company envisions building the largest dancers’ community in India and making it a hassle experience for dancers to venture into the Metaverse. In fact, Natyaverse is a team of passionate dancers and metaverse enthusiasts who are dedicated to making dancers financially independent using technological advancement. 

Currently, the Natyaverse team is developing a space in the metaverse to organize events for the dancers and help them collaborate with different brands in the space. It will allow dancers to expose their skills to a larger demographic to generate more income and boost their financial growth.

Natyaverse is an NFT marketplace for dance wherein every stakeholder wins. Dancers can sell dance NFTs of their dance moves to their fans and earn creators’ royalty. On the other hand, collectors can also earn secondary royalties by buying dance NFTs. With this unique approach, Natyaverse is all set to supercharge the career of dance artists.