June 22, 2024

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Mikel Arteta image

Arteta emphasises collective responsibility for football enhancement

Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, is championing a collaborative approach between managers and referees to elevate the quality of football. Recently cleared of misconduct charges by the Football Association, the 41-year-old expressed satisfaction with the disciplinary process, underscoring a collective responsibility to enhance the sport. He asserted, “It’s not about ‘them,’ it’s ‘we.’ We want to play the game better. We’re all in this together.”

Arteta, who faced charges over critical remarks regarding a contentious decision, highlighted the need to draw a line, derive constructive insights, and collectively move forward. The focus now shifts to learning from the incident and finding ways to improve touchline dynamics, technological advancements, and club contributions. In Arteta’s view, such collaborative efforts are crucial to refining the football experience.

Advocating for unity, Arteta acknowledged the multifaceted roles played by managers, referees, and clubs. His call for discussions on refining touchline dynamics underscores the desire to create an environment that nurtures positive changes. The emphasis is not only on technology but also on shared responsibility to enhance various aspects of the game.

Acquitted of misconduct charges, Arteta reflects on broader implications, urging a shift from isolated efforts to a collective front. Recognising the emotional pressure managers face due to significant outcomes, he emphasised the need for a united approach to set positive examples and foster a collaborative spirit. His message extends beyond personal exoneration, focusing on advancing the sport through joint efforts.

Therefore Facing post-match comment charges, Arteta’s stance aligns with a call for mutual respect and cooperation in the Premier League. Beyond the individual challenges, he advocates for a united front from managers, referees, and clubs to collectively advance football. However his narrative revolves around shared responsibility, emphasising that the beautiful game’s improvement requires a collaborative commitment from everyone involved.


In conclusion, Arteta’s vision extends beyond personal experiences, urging the football community to work together for positive change. Therefore, his call for unity resonates as rallying cry for collective responsibility, acknowledging the interconnected roles of managers, referees, and clubs.