July 18, 2024

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World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) launches Project One World One Education

World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) is glad to launch its pilot program” Project One World One Education” on 23rd June 2021 at 6.30 PM, on the occasion of United Nations Public Service Day, through the Center for Global Education under the banner: WCPA on Education, Health, Talent and Skills-development. The Project will cater to the citizens of the world over the age of 6 years.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association is a world citizen movement with a vision “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, i.e., World is One Family. WCPA was formed in the year 1958 with the aim to secure a democratic world governance system created by the federation of all the nations of the world and developed under the constitution for the federation of the Earth. Another important aim of WCPA is to establish global peace and amicable relations between nations of the world. Moreover, WCPA is a mechanism to administer affairs that transcend national boundaries for the benefit of humanity across the globe.

WCPA is actively engaged in promoting global education, global ecological sustainability, the Earth Constitution, the unity in diversity of nations and people, social entrepreneurship, and global talent pool and skill development.

To keep pace with the dynamics of an ever-changing and evolving canvas of delivering education and skills development. The Project aims to promote education, health, talent and life skills development. The following are some of the significant features of this Project:

• Hybrid Mode of Teaching and Training

• Blended & Virtual Mode of Teaching and Training

• Skill Development Training Projects

• Talent Development Programmes

• Life Skills, Soft Skills & Basic Healthcare Training, Workshops, Camps and Webinars

• Capacity Building Projects

• Virtual School Platform (to enable schools to conduct virtual classes for their students from      grade 1 to 12)

• Virtual School Plus (to support the students after the regular school hours)

• Virtual Classroom 2020 Programme (to train teaching fraternity to deliver education through online platforms)

• Corporate Training and Psychometric Assessments

• LMS Platform (offers over 150 high-end professional programs including programs on Artificial Intelligence, technology, management)

• E-Content Development

The services mentioned above are complimentary and will be available after filling up the form on the official website of World Constitution and Parliament Association (https://www.wcpa.global/) and approved by the Committee of WCPA Global. These services are being offered, keeping the pandemic situation in mind. These services shall be provided by associated organizations of WCPA. 

The Project aims to make global citizens better employable, future-ready, secured, healthy and happy to enable them become the good citizens of the world. The Project is proposed to be launched in Uttar Pradesh, India, on 23rd June with the support of Gram Pradhans of all the villages of Uttar Pradesh, India. Details of the team of the Project will be intimated later. WCPA is looking to connect with organizations and people having philosophical ideas, consistent with the vision and mission of WCPA and as per the Project’s requirements.

Dr Eugenia Almand

Secretary General