June 24, 2024

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Image credit: Business Traveller

Vistara: An “unruly” traveller was restrained to a seat on an Indian flight

An Italian woman was apparently misbehaving with the personnel of an Indian airline, so they handcuffed her to her seat during the journey.

The woman, who arrived in Mumbai on a Vistara flight from Abu Dhabi, was detained on Monday before being released on bail.

Her attorney has refuted the accusations, calling them a “fake narrative.”

Vistara, however, said that because of the woman’s “continuous disorderly behaviour and violent behavior,” its workers had to detain her.

After a man was detained in January for allegedly peeing on a female passenger, the handling of the event by the airline, Air India, came under fire. This led to increased surveillance of travelers’ misbehaviour on airplanes in India.

Since then, numerous incidents of disorderly conduct on Indian Airlines aircraft have been documented.

The Times of India stated that a Vistara employee claimed in a police statement that the passenger attacked them and spit on their colleague.

The woman allegedly left her seat in economy class to take a seat in business or first class, and the crew member complained.

In the accusation, the woman is also charged with “trying to strip and fouling the plane.”

According to a statement from Vistara, the flight’s captain “issued a caution card and decided to arrest the client” as a result of her behavior.”

Prabhakar Tripathi, the woman’s attorney, claimed that she was “uncomfortable” in her assigned seat and “asked to be relocated to an empty seat,” which resulted in a “disagreement” with the crew. In addition, he claimed that the turbulence prevented her from using the restroom.

Later, she was permitted to use the restroom but was restrained when she came back, according to Mr. Tripathi. He also refuted claims made by police officers, who were cited in media accounts, that the woman was intoxicated.

Reporters were informed by a top Mumbai police commander that the woman had been “booked for misbehavior.”

Dikshit Gedam, a deputy commissioner of police, stated, “We gave her a warning and presented her before the court, following which she was permitted to depart.”