April 24, 2024

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Donald Trump Shuns

Trump Shuns Second Testimony in High-Stakes Fraud Trial Drama

In a surprising twist, Donald Trump has announced his decision not to testify for a second time in his consequential fraud trial in New York, injecting uncertainty into his defence strategy and potentially influencing the trial’s outcome. Initially expected to appear in court on Monday, Trump’s abrupt reversal was communicated via his Truth Social platform, where he denounced the trial as a “witch hunt” aimed at meddling with future elections.

This development follows his initial testimony on November 6th, characterised by contentious exchanges that resembled a political rally more than a direct effort to convince the judge of his innocence. Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled that the Trump Organisation engaged in fraud, and he is currently deliberating on an appropriate penalty. Trump’s defense argues he had the right to determine property values, and lenders and accountants should have conducted their due diligence.

During testimonies, Trump and his children struggled to recall specific financial details, despite documented evidence. Trump repeatedly invoked a “worthless clause” in his financial records, claiming lenders knew they should conduct independent analyses. However, this argument was dismissed by Judge Engoron as “worthless.”

Guilty of fraud in a pre-trial ruling, the ongoing trial explores whether Trump and his family knowingly misrepresented asset values. A guilty verdict on this charge could result in a substantial fine, estimated at at least $250 million. If the pre-trial judgment stands on appeal, Trump and his children could be barred from New York business, impacting his real estate ventures in the state.