July 23, 2024

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Sutra Art of Clothing: Weaving Tradition and Contemporary Fashion

India’s diverse cultural tapestry is beautifully mirrored in its myriad styles of sarees, each a testament to the unique heritage of every state. Every region boasts its weaving techniques, materials, and designs, making its sarees distinctive.

Sutra Art of Clothing

“Sutra,” a Sanskrit term representing a concise teaching, aptly encapsulates the ethos of Sutra Art of Clothing. A unit of Prish Textile India Private Limited ,the brand intertwines traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion. Sutra collaborates directly with skilled weavers, prioritizing fair trade and artisans’ economic empowerment. The brand aims to unite heritage with vogue, crafting timeless attire reflecting India’s handloom legacy.

Each saree at Sutra echoes a tale, from intricate patterns to premium materials, embodying the weavers’ mastery. Our diverse handloom saree range showcases unique characters, preserving traditions while advocating sustainability.

Sutra is fervently dedicated to spotlighting handloom textiles’ cultural significance and eco-friendly production, endorsing handcrafted treasures and sustaining artisans’ livelihoods.

Sustainability and Authenticity
Sutra’s hallmark is uncompromising quality and authenticity. Natural fibers and dyes, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable packaging echo our commitment to the environment. Choosing Sutra means advocating art, culture, and sustainability—a holistic experience.

Customization and Global Reach
Modern consumers seek personal expression, and Sutra answers that call with a platform offering customized pan-India products. While headquartered in New Delhi, our services extend globally, assuring impeccable customer service and satisfaction. Custom designs cater to special occasions, enhancing weddings and events.

Founders Shaping the Vision

Meet the visionaries behind Sutra Art of Clothing—Priya Gupta and Shubhojeet Pal. Shubhojeet’s 11-year expertise in tax consulting and business analysis underpins Sutra’s growth. Priya, a former banker with stellar management experience, complements the team. Their shared aspiration—to celebrate handloom and handicraft artistry—serves as Sutra’s foundation.

Shubhojeet’s analytical prowess and Priya’s leadership skills birthed a brand beyond commerce. Their vision fosters a community valuing handcrafted clothing’s artistry and importance in today’s fast-paced world.

Empowering Artisans and Crafting a Legacy

Shubhojeet and Priya’s partnership aims to empower artisans and promote traditional craftsmanship through Sutra Art of Clothing. Their leadership drives the brand’s journey toward a future where heritage flourishes amid creativity.

Follow them on IG: @sutraclothing_ or visit their website: Sutraclothing.in to explore our creations.

Founder Profiles
Shubhojeet Pal, CEO of Prish Textile India Pvt. Ltd. and Co-founder of Sutra Art of Clothing, holds a Commerce Masters’s and a PGDM in Financial Risk Management from IIM Kashipur, backed by over 11 years of experience in tax consulting and business analysis.
Priya Gupta, CMO at Prish Textile India Pvt. Ltd. and Co-founder of Sutra Art of Clothing, boasts a Commerce Masters’s and a PGDM from IIM Kashipur, specializing in General Management. Her banking background and managerial skills enhance the team’s success.
Together, Shubhojeet and Priya are steering Sutra Art of Clothing to a realm where heritage and innovation coexist harmoniously.