May 29, 2024

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Prince William is pondering his upcoming coronation and wants it to feel contemporary and pertinent.

Days after King Charles’ coronation, according to insiders, Prince William has already begun considering the mood of his own investiture.

With a focus on making it feel “modern” and “relevant,” the Prince of Wales reportedly wants his coronation to “look and feel different” from his father’s two-hour service at Westminster Abbey.

The 40-year-old royal is seriously considering how to make his coronation feel the most timely going forward, a source close to him told The Times.

“He is aware that in 20 years, or whenever his time comes, how can the coronation be contemporary while also uniting the country and the Commonwealth? I think his coronation will look and feel quite different.”

They also asserted that William would try to get rid of the “homage to the people” that was included in Charles’ coronation on May 6 but was changed at the last minute after it proved to be divisive with some members of the public.

William will never take that or any other similar path, according to a close friend of his.

However, they went on to say that William admired his father’s decision to upend things by altering key aspects of the ceremony, and that this had caused him to consider what he would do when it was his turn.

On May 6, some of the more traditional elements of the historic service were maintained, such as William’s “homage of the blood,” during which he bowed before his father and vowed to be his “liege man of life and limb.”

The relationship of the crown with the Commonwealth and the realms at the time of his accession is said to be one of the additional factors.

The source continued, saying that while the prince “will be checking if it is sharp,” he “won’t be taking the filleting knife to the sequence of events.”

Another insider claimed that although there was no “grand plan” at this time, the prince and his team were naturally “reflective” about the most recent ceremony and that it was “extremely important to him that it evolves to be relevant whenever it happens.”