July 23, 2024

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Prevent skin discoloration caused by pollution with these easy steps.

Exposure to air pollution, cigarette smoke, and various irritants isn’t just detrimental to your health; it can also take a toll on your skin’s appearance and texture. Pollution doesn’t merely leave your skin parched; it can provoke inflammation and expedite premature ageing and hyperpigmentation signs.

Dr. Saurabh Shah, a dermatologist at Bhatia Hospital in Mumbai, underscores that multiple studies suggest pollution’s pivotal role in darkening and discolouring the skin, potentially increasing the risk of various facial hyperpigmentation conditions. Pollution is a known instigator of melanogenesis (pigment production). Certain chemical pollutants can penetrate the skin layers, causing oxidative stress, weakening the skin’s barrier, and inciting chronic inflammation, particularly in the presence of UV exposure like sunlight.

To safeguard your skin from pollution’s adverse effects, lifestyle adjustments are imperative. Dr. Renita Rajan, Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist at RENDER Skin and Hair, provides five strategies to fortify your skincare regimen against pollution-induced pigmentation.

First and foremost, never skip sunscreen application; it’s your primary defence against the harmful interplay of UV radiation and particulate matter pollution.

The second step involves introducing an exfoliator, effectively eliminating daily pollution and oxidative damage on the skin’s surface. However, gentle exfoliation is crucial to preventing microabrasions and further inflammation.

Step three entails incorporating activities with free radical scavenging potential, especially in urban pollution-prone areas. This involves the use of pigmentation-controlling agents in your skincare routine.

Moreover, diet plays a pivotal role; adequate hydration is essential, along with an antioxidant-rich diet. Aim for 2 to 3 litres of water daily, depending on your activity level. Consume a variety of naturally coloured fruits and vegetables, following a “rainbow-coloured diet rich in antioxidants like resveratrol, astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and glutathione. These antioxidants combat pollution-induced pigmentation by neutralising oxidative stress.

In summary, a comprehensive approach to combating pollution’s impact on your skin includes sunscreen, gentle exfoliation, antioxidant-rich skincare, and a diet rich in hydrating and protective nutrients. By following these steps, you can shield your skin from the ravages of pollution and maintain its health and vitality.