April 12, 2024

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Nissei Introduces Wasabi Soft Ice Cream In Japan

Wasabi tastes like fire and is an important ingredient in Japanese food.In Azumino, Nagano wasabi is used as a topping for the ice cream introduced by Nissan.

“Wasabi soft serve ice cream was launched in 1984, so it was less than 40 years ago. Last year, we added freshly ground wasabi as a topping for Daio Wasabi Farm. Our soft serve ice cream. Visitors enjoy the taste of two different soft serve ice cream.

One customer said, “This tastes like wasabi. Ah … I just hit the sinuses. The taste of wasabi is sweet and surprisingly balanced. It’s very delicious.” “It’s not as sweet as I expected.” However, it has a faint taste. I didn’t feel the burning sensation of wasabi, but it was light and refreshing. “Daio Wasabi Farm was founded in 1915. The largest wasabi farm covers an area of ​​15 hectares. The farm grows the highest quality wasabi.

The farm was attractively developed for tourists with walkways between the fields. Wasabi can only be grown in distilled water, and Azumino is blessed with clean spring water that shines with the melting snow of the Japanese Alps.

“Spring water is indispensable for growing wasabi. If you dig 2 meters of the ground, it will naturally hit the spring water. We use this natural resource to grow wasabi by irrigation.” Ice cream stalls are popular with visitors and there are always lines.

Daio Wasabi Farm is popular with Japanese tourists who admire its beautiful beauty, but it is also famous for its variety of dishes. The soft ice cream of Daio Wasabi Farm is full of beautiful Azamino mountains and pure spring water.