July 19, 2024

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is confronting sexual assault allegations following court papers filed under the state’s Adult Survivors Act. The summons claims that Adams sexually assaulted the plaintiff in 1993 during their time working for the City of New York. Adams denies the accusations, stating he doesn’t recall meeting the accuser. The legal action seeks $5 million in damages and was filed before the expiration of the act, which allows survivors to bring lawsuits that would otherwise be blocked by the statute of limitations.

The three-page summons provides limited details about the alleged assault, citing intentional and negligent acts resulting in physical, psychological, and other injuries. Adams, who worked as a police officer at the time, faces additional scrutiny as the transit bureau and the Guardians Association, a social organization for officers, are named as defendants.

Adams expressed his denial during a CBS News interview, emphasising that he doesn’t even recall the person making the accusation. He affirmed his commitment to serving the city amidst ongoing challenges, including an investigation into the financing of his 2021 mayoral campaign.

The FBI recently raided Adams’ apartment, seizing electronic devices, as part of a probe examining potential conspiracies involving the Turkish government and illegal foreign donations to his campaign. Investigators are exploring whether Adams’ campaign provided benefits in return for donations. Adams has consistently maintained his lack of knowledge regarding any wrongdoing.

The sexual assault allegations add to the legal challenges for Mayor Adams, a Democrat who faces heightened scrutiny amid his responsibilities as New York City’s leader. The accusations underscore the broader implications of the Adult Survivors Act, providing survivors with an opportunity to seek justice for previously time-barred claims.