May 29, 2024

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Netflix apologises for delaying the streaming of the “Love is Blind” reunion show

Netflix apologises to its viewers because of a sudden technical glitch that occurred during the live streaming of its popular dating show. The popular show “The Love is Blind” reunion is going to air at 20:00 BST (15:00 ET) on Monday in a “pre-recorded broadcast.”

The actual reason for the delay is not yet clear, but the company said it was regretful.

Some viewers from the United States were able to watch the programme roughly 75 minutes after the scheduled start time. As time passed, Netflix provided updates on delays, and by 02:30 BST, 90 minutes after the scheduled start time, the streaming service apologised and informed viewers that it was actually recording the episode.

The host of the show, Vanessa Lachey, revealed that it was a technical issue in an Instagram life, captioning it, “Probably the Internet is not working.” Other than that, Netflix did not provide any specific reason for terminating the live stream.

This was Netflix’s second effort to broadcast a live event to its viewers after it effectively aired a “Chris Rock stand-up special” in March of this year.

Additionally, Downdetector, a website monitoring service, revealed that over 10,000 US users complained the website was down throughout the event.

The US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joked that they needed a hero from a previous episode of the programme to help save it now as unhappy fans vented their concerns on social media, and Netflix retweeted her.

It happens at the same time as Netflix’s announcement that it will shift towards more live programming, including a deal to air the Screen Actors Guild Awards starting in 2024.

The decision to postpone the reunion, however, infuriated viewers, since those in the UK who chose to sleep rather than watch the livestream discovered the episode was not available when they woke up.

Some people found the delay in the episode’s release to be unacceptable, while others noted that it meant spoilers were now being shared on social media.

Nevertheless, several fans throughout the world have said that they are no longer interested in viewing the programme at all.