July 18, 2024

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Muhammed Aqib T.P. and Ketan Ramshawala’s Synctric Technology Aims to Dominate the Digital Payment Solutions Space

Any modern business that wants to meet today’s digital needs and provide its customers with a seamless shopping experience must have an online payment gateway. A payment gateway acts as a bridge between a business and its customers by offering a systemised payment method. Moreover, it makes the entire payment process more flexible and faster for the customers. Synctric Technology is a SaaS technology company that offers SMEs, local businesses, and brands coast-effective payment gateway API and tools to increase their ROI.

Incorporated in 2022, the company is all set to gain tremendous traction in the industry owing to its exceptional offerings and excellent leadership. Synctric Technology’s strength lies in its two pillars (and directors) – Muhammed Aqib T.P. and Ketan Ramshawala. Muhammed Aqib T.P. is a highly skilled and experienced marketing professional with a strong background in technology. He completed his B.Tech in Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering from MSRIT. His inward passion for marketing led him to become the COO of The BACK Benchers, a company that integrates creative marketing with brands. He is also the founder of Beeyams Media, a performance-based company that successfully executed marketing campaigns. Later, he took the mantle of the Head of Marketing and Operations at VivaVideo and VidStatus. Currently, he is the CEO of LVE Innovations Private Limited which runs the popular voice app WAFA. The app has over 5million+ downloads and has been among the 25 top-grossing apps

On the other hand, Ketan Ramshawala is a BCA graduate who holds a license as a Penetration Tester. He began his career as a security consultant for Banks. He has developed tracking and analysing software and also worked as a cyber security consultant for the Government of Gujarat and the Government of Rajasthan. Ketan is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Synctric Technology Private Limited.

These two individuals are dedicated to Synctric Technology to new heights with their expertise and experience. The new-age company aims to empower and support communities and businesses as they twitch to the digital business model.  With its robust engine, the SaaS platform helps digital merchants to reduce TDR/MDR charges and hence increase the ROI. As more businesses and SMEs go digital, this platform will be critical in efficiently controlling costs while also having backups in case of downtime. It also envisions becoming a secure, seamless, and dependable platform for all payment gateway requirements.

In today’s online retail environment, a simple, frictionless, and secure, yet cost-saving, payment is a must for any business. In this scenario, Muhammed Aqib T.P. and Ketan Ramshawala are ready to make Synctric Technology an industry-leading name.