May 30, 2024

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Maharaja Agrasen Hospital gears up to fight third covid-19 wave

Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Bangalore is now gearing up to fight for the third wave.

Experts are suggesting the third wave of Covid-19 hitting India as early as September,2021 with many fearing that it could hit children disproportionately.

Maharaja Agrasen Hospital situated in Padmanabhanagar Bangalore is not getting ready to be better prepared for the next Corona Wave. They have already ordered for an Oxygen plant with the help of AHT Trust who is partly funding the plant and is hiring nurses and doctors for extra care during the pandemic. Dr Satish Jain, Chairman of Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, said that they are also planning to increase their ICU capacity by another 10 more additional beds and also now have over 30 Oxygen Concentration machines as an emergency, when people wait for bed availability. Also they have been having meetings with various doctors and organisations to be well prepared for the next wave.

Agrasen Hospital is also gearing up for treatment of children in the next wave seriously. “We should definitely plan and be prepared for a pandemic situation if it does occur. We should not be complacent.” Dr Satish Jain told the media.

Maharaja Agrasen Hospital had earlier provided over 8000 Free vaccinations to people in the month of April. Over 800 Covid patients were treated at the Hospital, Everyone was given Free food and ORS juices from the trustees of the hospital and some well wishers. Maharaja Agrasen Hospital also helped in providing Oxygen Concentration machines for the patients at home. They also set up a moving Oxygen on Wheels bus in association with Greenwood High School. Maharaja Agrasen Hospital has also sent 5 Oxygen Concentration Machines to its Agrasen Old Age Home Unit  in Mysore Road, Bangalore in case of emergency requirement. During the meeting Maharaja Agrasen Hospital President and Chairman Dr.Satish Jain thanked all the donors, trustees, doctors, hospital staff and volunteers who came forward during this tough time and helped for the betterment of the hospital and its patients.