July 16, 2024

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Lateral Bridge: A One-stop Shop for Reliable and Cost-effective Staff Augmentation Solutions

Staff augmentation is an effective way for tech companies to augment their existing workforces with outsourced professionals. The staff augmentation model allows tech companies to hire experienced professionals temporarily or on a project basis. It not provides more flexibility but also reduces overhead costs without compromising productivity. Lateral Bridge is a leading staff augmentation solutions platform that helps tech companies around the world leverage the power of staff augmentation through its network of trusted vendors across 15+ countries.

Hiring top tech talents can be very challenging for tech companies. The global job market is characterised by fierce competition, making it difficult for companies to attract and retain top-tier talent. In this scenario, Lateral Bridge’s staff augmentation solutions help the companies to fill the existing gaps in the in-house teams.  Its staff augmentation solutions allow companies to complete projects without experiencing delays or sacrificing quality or burdening financial expenses. With the help of Lateral Bridge, tech companies can onboard experienced and highly-skilled professionals on contract within 7-30 days. This makes the hiring process a lot smoother and cost-effective than the traditional hiring process.

Commenting on the benefits of staff augmentation for tech companies, Chirag says, “Many tech companies operate on a project-based model, where they require additional staff for a specific period to complete a project. Staff augmentation can provide the necessary personnel to complete the project without making long-term hiring commitments. This is not only more convenient for the companies, but also way more cost-effective.”

Chirag Thakker (CEO) and Abhishek Bartakke (CBO) are the co-founders of Lateral Bridge. Chirag brings 14 years of experience managing HR operations, with a particular passion for recruiting. He has a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, having recruited for senior positions in various countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, and the UK. On the other hand, Abhishek Bartakke has over 16 years of organisational expertise in the field of human resources. Abhishek’s extensive experience proves his expertise in various HR functions and his understanding of how to optimise and streamline HR operations.

Lateral Bridge’s diverse talent network across various offshore and nearshore locations can be a significant advantage in today’s global market for tech companies. By leveraging these talent hubs, Lateral Bridge can help its clients tap into a larger pool of skilled professionals, potentially offering more competitive rates than hiring locally. This is especially valuable for tech companies that may struggle to find and retain top talent within their home country or region.

With a supply of 50+ tech vendors globally, it has already established a significant footprint in various regions, providing a wide range of expertise and services to clients. Lateral Bridge, today, can efficiently serve companies in the US, Europe, Gulf, Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia. Its ambition is to become a Staff Augmentation aggregator with the largest pool of reliable tech-talent vendors in the world.