July 14, 2024

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Karteek Routh: Traversing between transforming coachings and attaining culinary excellence

Only a few people stand out as significantly as Karteek Routh in the two contrasting but dynamic worlds of education and food. Karteek has established himself in both fields, owing to his passion for each of them. While he aims to impact lives through quality education, he also focuses on giving people a one-of-a-kind experience at his lounge. His journey is one that inspires and captivates, be it by inventing educational projects or developing a distinctive dining experience.

In 2018, Karteek set his foot in the field of education by co-founding offline coaching institutions in the Indian cities of Kurnool and Srikakulam. These facilities, founded under the name BVR tutorials earlier and later re-branded as DocTutorials in 2020, were created to offer thorough instruction to students getting ready for the NEET PG exam. The growth of these coaching facilities was catalyzed by Karteek’s knack for innovation, which recognized the need for top-notch guidance in the medical industry. He led the charge of launching the coaching platform in online form. As one of the Directors of the company, his role remained pivotal in shaping and guiding the development of both a user-friendly app and a dynamic website. He took this digital endeavor with the objective of extending quality education and support to a broader audience of medical aspirants.

Karteek’s long-term career aspirations are deeply rooted in leveraging technology to drive progress within the educational sector. Over the next five years, he envisions being at the front of digitizing textbooks and classes, catering to diverse student segments. “My career aspirations are deeply rooted in utilizing technology to drive progress within the educational sector, and I am resolute in dedicating each year to mastering a new facet of my industry,” Karteek mentions while talking about his aspirations. His dedication to lifelong learning motivates him to gain insights into new aspects of businesses each year, ensuring his contributions are even more valuable. His ultimate goal is to use technology to transform educational experiences and resources, improving society’s access to high-quality education.

Beyond the world of education, Karteek Routh’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to the world of culinary arts. He realized his deep love for food and beverages by creating Tranquil Bistro, a unique dining destination in India. What sets this establishment apart is the immersive experience it offers – the opportunity to savor delicious food and cocktails while listening to the soothing sounds of a natural waterfall.

The distinctive menu at Tranquil Bistro was created by Karteek with unshakable confidence in his taste and a deep intrigue for various cuisines. It is one of the most fascinating lounges in Hyderabad today, drawing customers who value both its tantalizing food and its unique ambiance. In addition to providing a memorable dining experience, Karteek is keen on maintaining Tranquil Bistro’s web presence. He actively designs and develops their website, making it simple for visitors to find the business online. Tranquil Bistro is more than simply a business for him. It is his way of expressing his fervor for food, drinks, and a dining experience worth remembering.