July 11, 2024

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Jupiter fans are revolutionizing the fan market in India

Being a constant name in the eyes of the customer in an ever-changing market is not easy. New innovations are replacing the old commodities fast, it is not easy to be the people’s choice for 13 years but Jupiter has done it well. Jupiter is a renowned fan brand and its parent company  “perfect Enterprise” an ISO 9001:2008 Company that manufactures Press and Turned Electrical fan components. Jupiter excels in the manufacturing of Ceiling, Table, Wall, Pedestal, and Air Circulator Fan Components. They have the reputation for high-quality and energy-efficient fans. Brushless DC fans also referred to as Inverter Drive Technology is their specialty. Jupiter brushless DC fan is among their new innovations.

Jupiter has a reputation in the market for its innovative and designer fans. They always bring new ideas and innovation to their fans. For the last 13 years, they have been revolutionizing the fan market. They are one of the most prominent players in the market and they have earned a reputation by providing quality service to their customers. 

Jupiter provides its customer with several choices and their service is always contentful. 

Jupiter is working to bring more and more new ideas and revolutionized the fan market. Jupiter has its registered office in Balanagar, Hyderabad, and has several distributors spread across the country in Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat although the majority of their business is online via Amazon and Flipkart

Jupiter provides top services to its customers. They have highly skilled professionals who are vocationally trained in their respective spheres of activity. Customer service and satisfaction is their first priority. The highly skilled professionals ensure the safety of the materials, proper execution of the services, and convenience of the customers. They are familiar with all the pros and cons in this sector and they execute their services with high perfection. They are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies and for the areas that warrant them. 

“It was the year 2014 when we decided to venture into this unexplored territory when no big names were ready to get in this. With electricity cost demand going up every passing year, we had to create an eco-friendly zone by developing more energy-efficient product, which reduces both carbon footprints and saves our natural resources, so that we can provide a greener tomorrow for the generations to come,” says Mohit Gupta. 

Jupiter fans are equipped with high tech technology. With a variety of options and advanced features, their fans are unique in the market. Jupiter’s fans can run in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and it can be operated in any direction with 7-speed settings. They also specialize in making Wall, Pedestal, Ceiling, Table, and Air Circulator Fan Components.

They are energy saver and budget-friendly. They consume less energy and fewer watts. The Auto switch-off timer function of these fans can be your energy saver friend. With 5 different speed modes, they can be adjusted with the changing weather. The fans are available in multiple colors and varieties. The fan components are made with 100% copper and they also have inverter backup.  They have also started the production of solar-powered fans that run directly from solar panels or batteries, which makes their fans even greener and cleaner energy.

Jupiter is awarded different certificates such as, “Perfect enterprise”, “Bureau of energy efficiency”, “Perfect enterprises”, and certificate of membership from the Quality circle forum of India. In this digital era there reach is on every other influential platform, they want to expand their services and make it available to every other Indian. Their active customers are Amazon, Flipkart, Kohler India to name a few. They are also trusted by Indian railways, Indian posts, and Mahindra. 

They are available on their website also http://jupiterfans.com/ 

Jupiter BLDC ceiling fan is a master in Energy efficiency. Jupiter was the 1st BLDC ceiling fan to come up with 4 blades fans for better air delivery. The latest innovation is a Hybrid BLDC ceiling fan which can run both on Solar and Grid power simultaneously. This would be a big break-through in the fan market. It is India’s Most Energy Efficient BLDC Ceiling Fan and runs on BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) Technology. 

They are rated top in BEE energy-efficient App and they further aim to provide their customer with the best services and high-quality products.